Hail Storm 2013 Home Repairs

On March 24, 2012, Central Virginia was pelted with a hail storm, causing widespread damage to area homes.  We worked with homeowners to quickly repair damage - both obvious problems as well as damage that was harder to determine.  Hail storms often lead to severe long-term damage with a home's roof structure.  Even if damage cannot be easily spotted at the surface, the damage can be underlying - and can be severe.


The damage from this storm left many homeowners with a roof that was no longer functional in protecting against long-term complications from future storms.


We inspected entire neighborhoods, home by home, working to assess the damage.  Some homes were unaffected by the storm.  Several homes had obvious damage.  Many homes had suffered damage that required an experienced eye in determining the level of damage.  For all of the homes, we handled each potential project individually and assisted in working with both homeowners directly as well as their insurance companies to ensure that they received the service that they needed to keep their home safe and functional.


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