One-Stop Contractor Project

Premier Construction is your one stop contractor . Our family includes roofers, builders,and painters. We stay up to date with our paint products. We as home owners want to protect our homes and with that comes maintaining. Let Premier Construction handle your painting needs. This homeowner was putting their home up for sale and called Premier Construction as a one stop contractor and we handled all their needs. A new roof, guttering, painting, replacement of fixtures, and some foundation work. In three weeks of completing the work the house sold. Yes, we do it all and stand behind our work!


What can we do for you?  If you have a project, large or small, we want to be your solution.  As a full-service contractor, we can provide effective, efficient options that help you to achieve both the look and functionality that you need.  Find out how we can be of service for you!    Contact us today!


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